Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Family History TuesdayZ | Names

I have been attending a Family History class during Sunday School on Sundays and this past Sunday as I was listening to the lesson, something really sparked in my heart and I decided that I wanted to bring some Family History ideas to my blog.

Ever since I was a teenager, genealogy and family stories have really interested me. I spent a lot of time working on my own family history and collecting stories of my ancestors as part of a Young Women project when I was about 16. Since then, life got in the way and I haven't spent the time that I have wanted to, in collecting the memories and the genealogy.

Lately, I've really had all this on my mind and I feel like I need to start working on collecting the stories - especially from my immediate family. I would love to create a scrapbook and collect all the documents/stories/dates and everything. But as I think about all that I want to do, I start getting a bit overwhelmed by how enormous this project is and have been wondering how to get started. But in Sunday's lesson, I realized that one of the most important things to do right now - is my OWN personal history. I haven't been keeping my own journal and that is something that I truly want to capture for my children and my children's children.

So I hope that my mom and dad are reading this - I hope that Joey's parents are reading this- I hope my other family is reading this and they will take this to heart and help me with this project. As much as I would like to interview them all and get the information and stories from them - it isn't always easy in this time in my life with being a mom and being away from most of my family. 

So I hope you will all enjoy this and participate! Let me know what you think!

And without further ado, here is this week's question:

Each Tuesday, I am going to be offering prompts or ideas. If you don't write in your journal regularly - I am going to encourage you to write just ONCE A WEEK and answer the question/idea that I give on Tuesdays. These ideas hopefully will spark a memory and you will be able to capture that in what you write/record so that it can be left for your children/grandchildren/family/friends. Give as much detail as you can when answering.

Will you do this for me? Will you do this for your families? You can write it down in a journal, you can type it up on a computer or journaling software, you can take a recorder and talk, you can videotape your answers, you can even scrap a page with the journaling. It doesn't matter how you do this - it's just important that you do it. The memories, the dates, the information is the only real thing we can leave to our families when we are gone.

If I come up with other family history ideas - I will be sure to share it here too - and if you want to share with me your ideas - that would be wonderful and I'd be glad to share them here too. Just comment here or email me at dedesmith32@gmail.com.

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lorig said...

Cool idea. I scrapbook in part to record our family history as it happens. (at least that is why I started, now I also do it for the artistic outlet). Will you be sharing interesting bits of your journaling with us as well? I will. I am named after 2 of my Aunts and later found out that my middle name is a family name that runs through at least 5 generations. I love it. I love my unique first name (Lorilee) and the family tie in the second name.

Kim said...

DeDe, this is a wonderful idea! I would love the help of the Tuesday prompts. Even if I can only journal on Tuesdays, it is at least a start! Thanks for the help in advance ;)

Stater said...

I agree with Kim totally.

I'll be more likely to do this with you doing the hard part... coming up with something for me to write about. :)

Thanks DeDe!

rredhead said...

This is a great idea! Thanks!

Joni V said...

Love the idea DeDe and if you don't mind I'm encouraging people to journal their history on my blog too. I'm even including some of it on my blog. Drop by and read it sometime.