Friday, January 15, 2010

Just another bad day...

UPDATE: Sorry, just a couple of additions. First of all, Joey's company did tell us they were changing payroll companies, but they have worked on it for over a month and told us there wouldn't be any interruptions - I guess we should have expected it huh?

And - some GOOD NEWS! I just found out that I won a photo contest on Facebook! Yay - thanks so much to all of you who voted for my "Dreaming of Christmas" photo!

I was feeling pretty good at the start of today. Instead of working last night, I went to bed and got a full 8 hours of sleep - which I never do. So I got JJ off to school and drove Joey to work. Got home and did a little work on the computer and had a shower. Then got Beth ready for school. I took her to school and went and picked up some Apple juice that I got from a freecycler.

Then because we are usually paid today, I headed to Walmart to get some groceries. After filling my cart with the items I needed, I went through the checkout line, feeling pretty good that I only had one person ahead of me. The checkout lady got all my items scanned and bagged and I had 3 people behind me in line. I quickly swiped my debit card - and to my horror, it was declined. Knowing this couldn't be right - I swiped it again and again it was declined. Of course I didn't have another card or anything with me. Completely embarrased, I had to tell the lady to cancel the purchase and I left the filled cart and walked out of the store. I quickly called Joey and we found out that his company had changed payroll companies and we didn't get paid today, so of course us living paycheck-to-paycheck the way we do - well, there's no money in our checking account, so that is why it was declined, but just embarrassing.

I come home - do just a little bit more work on the computer. I'm trying to catch up from not having my laptop for about a week. I download the last week's photos off my camera and then go pick up Joey. We have a bite to eat and then go pick up Beth from school. Joey drops us off at home and heads back to work. I get Beth some lunch.

Then I go back to the bedroom to finish getting caught up on computer work and get everything ready for my Monday Product Release and what do I find. That my laptop is black screened and it won't turn on. After all the other problems I have had with my computer since I spilled water in it - I just can't believe its still happening. I was actually just starting to feel really good that I got a brand new BIGGER hard drive and now I can't even turn it on again. And this time, I possibly have lost some photos and other design work that I have done for the last couple of days.

Before heading up to do his podcast and playing D&D, Joey dropped my laptop off at Simply Mac again. Which probably means I won't have it back until the beginning of next week at the soonest and of course I probably lost stuff and tons of time, not to mention shelling out more money and I'm just not feeling very good about it right now. I would appreciate any prayers!

Anyways, so once again, no High/Low or freebie or product release until I get everything fixed. I hate this! I'm sorry to let you all down - I promise I'll be back as soon as I can.... :(

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Chrisy Bates said...

Just stopping by for a visit. Sorry to hear that you are having a bad day, but to quote Scarlet Ohara.."Tomorrow is another day...". I hope things start looking up soon.

snowowl551 said...

Do NOT think you are letting us down! You are not. WE love you and your designs but we can also be patient.

I had that exact same thing happen to me with my Debit card! I have been on unemployment and here in Indiana, they send a debit/Visa and every Monday (as long as I file by early Sunday) the money is on the card by 10am. Not sure why it happened, but one Monday recently I went to the store and same scenario! Sheesh!

Keryn said...

So sorry to hear that you've been having such an awful day. Wouldn't you think that the company would have advised it's employees of the changes of payroll.

I have had the same problem with my laptop - Christmas Day my sister's partner accidently knocked a glass of champagne over mine. Needless to day it died but fortunately our insurance will cover it so I should have a new laptop by the end of next week.
Apparently it's being turned on which causes more damage - especially to the capacitors.

Hope everything is sorted soon for you. x x

Toucan Scraps said...

hope you get that pay check soon

congrats on winning the contest

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Dede! I think we all have these things happen to us and it's a bummer, we can all relate! However, just remember that your talent for designing brings happiness to us who can't draw or figure out Photoshop and we get the benefit of your talent! Take care!

Stater said...

Sorry about all the woes, but you know how all this electronic stuff is. When is works it is awesome & when it doesn't it drives ya nuts!

Hope things pick up soon for ya.

Don't worry about us kiddo, just try to relax.