Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog ResolutionZ...

January is a month of changes/revisions/resolutions and I have been wanting to bring more to my blog. Today I finally made a plan for my blog in 2010!

I will be continuing the following:

Creative Inspiration - layouts by my CT with my kits (usually when I introduce a new kit to my blog).

Ads - I try to advertise my new releases and my sales and chats, etc.

Products - I sell my products here too (Check them out through the Blog Labels to the right - sometimes I have special collection deals that are only available here- for instance you can get a special deal on my Happily Ever After Kits only here on my blog)

High/Low & Freebies - On Fridays, I give my High and my Low of the week and offer a freebie

Project 365 (in 2010, I will be calling it LIFE 365) - I will be continuing this in 2010. This is my family journal - I try to post this on Sundays (but it could be later) - of the previous week's daily photos and a bit of journaling about the day. I'm hoping to do better this year with the actual LAYOUTS and post them with the week's photos/journaling!

Blog Trains: I will be participating in my stores blog trains that happen about twice a year and occasionally hopping on other designer trains as well.

And here is a couple of things that I am going to strive to do in 2010. I am making this one of my goals for the year.

New Product every week: I have long admired the designers who have a set day to release their products and they do so EVERY WEEK. I have finally decided that this would be an amazing attribute to my design plan and I would love to make this happen.

SO, starting on Monday, January 4th, my goal is to release at least 1 new product every Monday! This might not always be a full-size kit, and I might occasionally mess up, but I'm really going to try and make it happen! At one of my stores (iScrapbook) - I don't actually put the products in the store myself - so I can't make it work exactly like this at that store - but everywhere else I can do it.) Give me a little bit of time to make this work like clock-work because in order to make this happen like I want - I need to get a few weeks ahead of schedule on my designing, so that I can also work my CT in and release things with their layouts and such. So January will be a little chaotic for me, but hopefully I will have it working good by February!

And here is where you all come in on my plan!

Show-OffZ: Each Monday with the New Releases, I will be posting a Show-OffZ Challenge. You will have until Friday to do the challenge and if you get your layout sent in, you will receive either a coupon to my store or a specific product (each posting will tell you what you are getting)! I will share all the Show-OffZ of the Week on Saturdays!

So in Summary, this is the schedule of posts on my blog (not including ads, blog trains, and other occasional blog entries):

Mondays: New Releases, CT Inspiration and Weekly Show-OffZ Challenge Call
Fridays: High/Low, Freebies, and Weekly Show-OffZ Deadline
Saturdays: Weekly Show-OffZ
Sundays: Life 365 Photos, Journaling and Layout from the previous week

As I look at that list - I guess my blog will be quite boring during the week LOL I guess thats when I will post ads and stuff and give me time to design during the week!

So what do you think? Are you in? I would love to have you all participate on my blog! Don't forget to stay connected using Reader, Feedblitz, or following my blog (links on the left sidebar)!

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So~Inkin~Cute said...

very cool, DeDe! :)

Elaine said...

Sounds great DeDe.

snowowl551 said...

This sounds like a very good plan! I especially like the Show-OffZ part! ;-)

Breeoxd said...

good plan

Toucan Scraps said...

sounds ambitious DeDe. If this schedule cuases you stress then don't feel a failure if you have to slacken it.
I wish you all the best as you aim for this.

Stater said...

Sounds great, DeDe.