Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project 365: Week 39

Monday, September 21, 2009

I am grateful today for this wonderful preschool that Beth goes to and really enjoys. I love that it is within walking distance and I love that Beth gets to dance, karate, and singing in addition to academics.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We were amazed by the sunset today - it was in such wonderful colors and the gradient from yellow to purple was astounding!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanks to one of my dearest internet friends, Georgia - I was able to get my computer fixed. I expected that it wouldn't be done until at least Friday, but was surprised today when Joey brought it home to me! I missed my computer so much - I have been completely lost without it.

September 24, 2009

Sometimes life can just be prickly. We have had quite an awful month - with financial woes, our van dying on us, my computer problems, and then today I went happily off to play Volleyball and came home in tears.

I had been playing for about 3 hours and then when I went up to spike a ball, somehow my feet went one way and my body went another - and it hurt badly. I couldn't put any pressure on my ankle and was just embarrased as the men and women all stopped to try and help me. On the way to my car (with the help of some wonderful people), I got dizzy and the voices faded and I passed out for the first time in my life. I woke after a couple of minutes and a woman drove my car and me home with another woman driving behind us to take the other woman back to the church. These are people I just met and was so embarrassed about everything and was really in pain. I was so glad to see my house and have Joey take care of me. He helped me into the house and took care of me as I cried and tried to get myself under control. Joey listened to me cry, gave me ibuprofen and some sleeping pills and I finally after several hours drifted off to sleep, still in pain.

So life can just pile on the trials sometimes, but I'm trying to see the beauty in it. Just like weeds can have some really pretty flowers, I know that this trial is supposed to teach me something - there is something of worth in it - I just have to figure it out. At least it will give me some computer time and some down time - maybe that's what I need.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What a day. Of course, I was still in pain and felt guilty because Joey had to take care of everything for me - including getting the kids off to school and taking care of my every whim. We decided we should go to the doctor and make sure the ankle was not broken. Thank goodness it wasn't but we found it is probably a second-degree sprain and I got a brace. Joey missed a meeting and other work stuff today because of me, but thank goodness my Mom and brother came up today, so that he could go play D&D and do his podcast. Mom and Lane got here about 6 and they brought me some crutches so I could get around better. We went out to dinner at Iggy's with Cody and Becki and of course as I am still getting used to the crutches, I fell on the curb and hurt my ankle again. So it wasn't the most enjoyable time, but it was nice to get out and visit with family for a little bit. It was great to have Grandma help me put the kids to bed and everything.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

So another awful night and I just couldn't get mobile enough to go watch Lane run in his Cross Country Race at UVU. I pretty much slept the day away. Mom and Lane left to go back home and Joey took care of the kids. I finally got up and hopped my way into the living room so I could be near my family. The kids enjoyed playing with some new watercolor paints and I finished up my grab bag - thank goodness my computer is back.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sundays at our house mean church and Football. Well today, because of my immobility I wasn't able to go and because I am usually the one to get everyone up and ready to go - no one went to church today. I stayed in bed for the first half of the day, thanks to another unrestful night. And then we spent the rest of the day watching football together and the kids playing nearby. Our Colts won today handily and it was fun to see them play better than last week!

Joey had this nice experience this morning while I was still sleeping:

This morning, as I was sitting on the couch watching football, Beth came and climbed into my lap - this surprised me, as she doesn't normally show any interest in watching football with me. I asked her "Do you like football?" and she said "No, I don't like football as a movie, I just wanted to spend time with my Daddy."

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So~Inkin~Cute said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Since I signed up for your blog feed yesterday, it's working again!!! I rec'd an email last night at 11:38 pm showing you posted on your blog! So I am glad I signed up again.

AND! I didn't know you were a Colts' fan!! A good friend of ours plays for the Colts. He used to play for the Patriots prior to going to the Colts. I am sure you know who Adam Vinatieri is.

I have some excellent photos of our family hanging out with his. Perhaps I can get them scanned and send ya one! LOL! He's a cuuuutie!

Anyway, I am glad I'll be able to follow your blog again! I am still so bummed that I missed your killer sale!!

I hope your foot feels better soon!

Take care,

So~Inkin~Cute said...

oh snap! I meant to say that I LOOOOOVE your daily photo from Sept 22nd. It's beautiful!

I am so impressed with your P365. I have been taking pictures every day, but I haven't scrapped any of them!! UGH! However, you do keep me inspired to get them scrapped. You are so organized. :)

makeyesup said...

Enjoyed reading about your day, sorry about the ankle. Can see the hardest part is trying to stay off of it, since you hurt it again. And aren't people wonderful. There are so many that are willing to go out of their way to help. You were blessed to have those 2 ladies help. Events like that surely remind us of what is important. Sounds like Beth has a good start in schooling with the opportunity to get involved in the arts. Take care of yourself.

Ajila said...

DeDe, the picture of the sunset was beautiful. I was so sorry to hear you sprained your ankle so seriously. I hope it will be feeling better soon. Leaving you some love.

Emily said...

Your kids are so dang cute. You and Joey have totally cloned yourselves in the look of things. :)

Hope your ankle gets better quickly.

Toucan Scraps said...

sounds like a great school.

Hope your ankle is doing better today