Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why my DollZ don't have faces....

So I felt I needed to express myself a little more fully in regards to my DollZ. I honestly didn't realize that many people wouldn't understand why the face is blank. Many have expressed that it feels to them like "ghostly/haunting." I don't feel that. It is beautiful to me. I feel that you can use your imagination and that the doll can be anything you want it to be.

From the moment I first saw them, I have loved the Willow Tree Figures so as I was creating my DollZ that is the first thing I thought of. I knew I wanted them to have blank faces. I wanted the qualities of pureness, beauty, imagination to shine through and I feel that they did.

I was reading an interview with the creator of the Willow Tree Figurines and she was asked the same question of why her figurines have blank faces and she expressed perfectly how I feel:

"This ties into the viewer becoming more of a participant in the understanding of the piece. It makes it more personal for the giver and the receiver to envision what or whom they want. At the time I created Willow Tree, I had never seen it done before, except for my knowledge of Amish women who would sew dolls for their children. Because of their religion, they did not embellish the faces; I loved the simplicity and pureness of the way those dolls looked. It’s the perfect example of 'less is more' - what is missing can speak volumes. Simplicity of form is one of my guidelines."

So I will be offering some different faces every now and again (probably as freebies on my blog) for those of you who need faces, but as for me - I will be leaving my DollZ BLANK.

Oh and a woman emailed me today with a great idea - look for a BUILD-YOUR-FAMILY DollZ Kit in the future - with Men, Women, Boys, Girls, and Babies for you to use to make up your own family. LOVE THE IDEA. I will be working on it and hoping to complete it this Fall!

Also just so you know - the different tearz creations in the Happily Ever AfterZ Kits don't have faces either - that is for 2 reasons - to match the DollZ and to try and make them enough different that they wouldn't violate copyright.


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So~Inkin~Cute said...

Hi DeDe,

I love the faces in your dollz! I think if they're beautiful to you, that's all that matters. As far as business goes, however, I do think it's nice that you'll be offering faces for those who want them. That way they'll have the option for the faces and they won't be swayed from buying the collections.

I don't buy much because I am poor and I just can't justify it. But know this, if I could shop, I'd buy them all.

Thank you,

Toucan Scraps said...

I love the no faces in your dolls. I thinnk the scrapbooking pages are about the people in the photos, so blank faces in the dolls give space to reflect that.

As ana rtist, and designer myself - I say go with what is right for you in your design work. Offereing face freebies on your blog to give those customers who feel the need for them is a wonderful gesture from a noble designer