Friday, August 7, 2009

Sponsoring TrekWest 5

So I have mentioned my husband's podcast a few times in my Project 365 posts, but I haven't really told you about it and I thought I needed to correct that (Okay, so actually my husband said - so are you ever going to mention the podcast on your blog - and since I am a "sponsor" of their podcast, I thought that it was a pretty good idea. Sorry it took so long honey!)

My husband, Joey and our friend Peter do a weekly podcast where they discuss some of their favorite tv shows and the various political, philosophical, and humorous themes behind the episodes. They are currently discussing Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5. (After Star Trek, they will be moving on to the tv shows, West Wing and Babylon 5 and then we will see what they will choose next.)

I admit that I haven't listened much to their podcast. Mostly little parts that Joey wants me to hear as he is editing it. But that is just because I'm not all that interested in Star Trek - but as soon as they move on to West Wing and Babylon 5, I will totally be listening to it every week. What I do find really neat (and yes, I am biased) about Joey's podcast is that they aren't just talking about the characters and the tv show (which they do some of too) - but they are talking about the deeper meanings and bringing in real-life discussions. I love that my hubby has an outlet for deep conversations and I just think it is a wonderful thing.

So I encourage all of you to try it out. The podcast is on iTunes and you can go back and listen to the previous podcasts. Joey and Pete both love hearing from their listeners and they bring in guests to discuss with them. They also have a new feature - where you can call in and leave a message with comments, suggestions, questions, etc and your comments will be added to the podcast.

So check it all out HERE and let us know if you are listening!

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Kikkinkreations said...

How cute! My husband is a big fan of star trek, I will definitely send him to your husband's podcast! Thanks for the Head's up! I will have him download them all before he heads out to Iraq in a month or so. It will give him something to listen to while he is in the sandbox!