Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Question Answered + info

When looking at your Wishes of the Heart Kit I didn't see a fairy god mother. Was there a reason she was left out?

Don't worry Kristin - look for the fairy godmother coming as a Friday Freebie (probably next week :)

If there IS something I missed from the stories that you would like in Happily Ever AfterZ - PLEASE leave a comment here with what you would like to see. Your ideas will show up in my Friday Freebies or maybe an extras pack! Also if you are wondering about the "bad guys" in the stories - don't worry - my Halloween kit this year is going to be VILLANZ and will include lots of characters from these stories! :)

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lorig said...

I was just starting to wonder about the villains as worked on my story. It is hard to have a good story without some tension from the bad guys or other mishaps for the characters to fall into. Love what I have seen so far!