Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog Train - STILL GOING - and important info

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make sure you know that there are still 4 more days on MY blog train. There are a few more Digitals designers joining me for a few more days too. So make sure you don't miss the last 4 ScatterZ and come back all weekend! :)

Also, thank you so much for your CT applications and participating in my blog contest - KEEP THEM COMING!

Okay, so in case you were wondering - my HIGH/LOW and my PROJECT 365 Photos will be coming back next week. My parents and some of my siblings are arriving today for the weekend and so I'm a little behind on everything - but give me the weekend to spend some time with my family and then I will play catch up.

If you sent me an email about CT applications, blog contest, questions, etc. I promise I will try and get them responded to today - but if I don't - know that I'm just with my family and I'll get to it on Sunday/Monday okay?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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