Monday, February 2, 2009

Scrapbook MAX! Review

I have been playing with Scrapbook MAX! for the last couple of weeks. I wanted to get a real feel of the program, especially since I am a reseller and I am making my kits compatible with the program. I personally use Adobe Photoshop CS3 for my layouts and designs, so it was kind of fun to try out a new program. I use a Mac, and the software is only available for the PC - but I do have an Intel Mac - so I was able to install it on the Windows side of my computer and it was very easy to install.

This layout was created using SBM and my Snowman FriendZ Kit.


- You get lots of free digital supplies with purchase of the program.

- You can easily ANY digital supplies to your layouts.

- I like that the compilation of SBM formatted kits that you can automatically add to your SBM Gallery for easy access.

- I like that you can create a whole album - several pages - in 1 document.

- Drag 'n Drop Capabilities

- You can make fun slideshows with music of your layouts.

- You can customize your page sizes.

- You can get a free trial!


- You can't use brushes, styles, or actions.

- Unless you have an intel Mac, you can't use this software.

- Recoloring is really difficult to do.

- Only 1 drop shadow option.

- I miss having an eraser that I can just erase certain things off an image.

- No Advanced Photo Editing capabilities (like the healing brush in Photoshop).

- It's pretty basic, so designers and advanced digital scrapbookers would probably want to move onto something else like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

I feel that Scrapbook MAX! is a great program, especially for those that are looking for a quick and easy way to create layouts without investing a lot of time in learning a new program. I believe it is the best solution for those who want to quickly create simple and beautiful layouts, without spending a fortune on the software or frustration over learning a program.

If you are interested in purchasing Scrapbook MAX!, you can do so RIGHT HERE ON MY BLOG. You can also purchase SBM Compatible Products and get SBM Freebies here on my blog. Also check out the Scrapbook MAX! Website for more information, gallery, and the SBM Community.

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