Thursday, January 1, 2009

Still not done :(

I'm sorry everyone. I know you are all anxiously awaiting my DIGITAL 365 kit and I was determined to finish tonight. But it is 3:30AM here and I'm exhausted. My brain isn't thinking anymore and my creativity is asleep - so I guess I'm going to go to bed. UGH! I really am sorry, I really want to finish this - but I also want it to be of high quality and good for all of you. So I guess I need some rest before I can get it done. I will do all in my power to get it done and in the store tomorrow.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And sorry again for the delay

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Simply Sarah said...

Crazy girl - don't stress it! I just read that you are gonna incorporate it into your chats at digitals - cool! I am glad that everyone is getting on board. Hmmm... maybe I can be lucky to get you as my designer this month... I CT at digitals.

So excited to start but no rush on your part.

Robyn said...

I love your idea of Digital 365! One thing to keep you from stressing because it's not ready now, is that those buying Becky's non-digital kit are going to wait however many days it takes to go thru the postal system and by looking at the store, they're all sold out anyway so how long will people have to wait to even get started on hers? So if we have to wait a few days for yours, it won't hurt anyone and will allow you to design at the pace you need and not sacrifice quality. We CAN go out and take a few photos which I already did. :)

Thanks to your blog link at 3S, I had fun collecting freebies (Thank You!!:)) and loved reading about your family. I see you and hubby are fellow Colts fans which is great. :) Wishing us luck this Saturday!

Thanks for everything; the freebies here and the darling DAD at 3S and I'll be waiting patiently for the Digital 365. It'll be fun!

Jody said...

Take your time, DeDe - we can all start taking the photos and be ready when you are. Rather you take the time and do it to your satisfaction than you hurry and be upset cause you did something not the way you wanted.

After looking at Becky's site - I am so thankful that you are taking this project on - I know your version of 365 days will be wonderful. Doing it digitally makes so much more sense to me than just sicking photos in vinyl slots.

Thanks and am happy you had a few minutes for DH and a little smooching last night!

TifLyn said...

Oh DeDe - slow down and don't stress about finishing! Just like other posted have said, Becky's kit would take a lot longer to arrive than yours will! LOL! And yours will be a lot better too, imo! No offence to Becky and anyone who likes that design... I am not a paper scrapper and I never follow thru on albums. Ugg.
I love the idea of this project even if I most likely won't use it as intended. I never follow thru no matter how dedicated I start out to be... But I know your kit will have tons of wonderful elements and papers and ideas for any kind of scrapping!
You inspired me to write in my blog tho... I offer no freebies (not a designer) so it's more of a personal blog anyways. But since it's on the net I can access from work too if I choose.
Anyways, thank you for your blog! And your designs! I wish you and your family a very Happy New year!
hugs, Tif

Lynne said...

DeDe, don't stress! You're so responsible to us, it's wonderful. But we're a patient group.

Besides, as Robyn said, those getting Becky's non-digital kit have to wait for mail anyway.

I started my 365 today. I wouldn't get very far with your kit if it were available today. Then I'd get all impatient waiting for at least a week to pass so that I could start the kit. ;-)

So, thanks much for your hard work. I'll be thrilled to see it when you're done.

Happy New Year!