Friday, January 30, 2009

Photo Tag!

I was tagged by one of my friends, Cindy Lou! :) Thanks!

This is the challenge:

Go to your photo folder in your computer.

Go to the 6th folder of photos.

Go to the sixth picture.

Put the picture on your blog and description of it.

Invite six friends to join the challenge. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

Here's my Photo:

This photo just makes my heart ache. I can't believe how fast JJ has grown. This picture was taken on July 19, 2004 at my family's ranch (Sink Valley). He was 2 1/2 and had finally started to walk on his own the week before. It was an amazing step and one that we had been anxiously awaiting for a long time. So anyways, we went on a little walk down the dirt road from the house and JJ just sat down right in the middle of the road and gave me the cutest smile. I haven't seen this photo in awhile - so glad I did this!

And I'm just going to tag anyone who would like to participate! Let me know if you do, would love to see your photos!

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Brianne said...

That is an adorable picture! What a cute smile.

Angela said...