Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey everyone,

So I decided to get myself a CafePress store! Wahoo! So if you are a fan of my designs and want a t-shirt or something - go ahead and go take a look! The link to my store is on the left side of the blog - scroll down a little and check out what I got going! I only have 2 designs right now, but I'm planning on doing others and stuff!

If you have ideas of what you want on a shirt with my products - let me know!


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Sharon Kay said...

Oh I love this idea DeDe! When you come out with your basketball kit... maybe you could make a basketball mom shirt! That would be cool! Hey... you do have a basketball bear out already! hmmm???

...and if we could talk you into a bowling bear (retro would be so cool) ... a bowling mom shirt! lol

Very cool DeDe!