Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been tagged!

So one of my bestest friends, Brianne, tagged me today.

List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random surprises about yourself.

1. My Family - including my hubby, my kids, my parents, my siblings, etc.
2. That I am able to work at home doing my design work.
3. My friends - even though all my close friends don't live by me - I am lucky enough to be able to read blogs, email, and some of my close friends I have ever only met online! Crazy life! I miss growing up in Orderville and going to college with my friends - but I still feel close to them and I love that!

1. I am totally afraid that my house will burn down and destroy my whole life.
2. I hate spiders!
3. I'm scared that my son JJ (he's autistic) will never be able to live a normal life on his own.

1. I keep promising myself that I am going to get a schedule where my life will be completely balanced and organized so that I keep the house clean, get my design work done, spend quality time with my kids, etc. But I'm afraid it keeps just being a goal.
2. I just reached one of my goals to have 100 products in my Digital Scrapbooking stores! Wahoo! Now, I need to go for 200!
3. I want to lose at least 50 pounds.

1. Computers/Designing are definitely an obsession of mine! I can't stay away from the computer too long or I go crazy!
2. Movies/Books - I spend way too much time watching movies/tv and reading and my hubby and I have the movie/book collections to prove it!
3. I collect Precious Moment Figurines. Haven't gotten a new one in a long time (too expensive), but I love them!

SURPRISES (Okay, I'm with Brianne on this one - it's hard!)
1. Joey came home from his work planning retreat last week where his boss had given him a 16gb ipod touch. Since he already has a 80gb ipod, he gave the ipod touch to me! Wahoo!
2. JJ has done so well at going to all-day 1st grade this year! At least this is a surprise to me! I thought it was really going to be a hard thing since it is a new school, new teacher, new friends, longer schedule, etc. But it's actually gone extremely well - he's tireder, but I think he's doing really well.
3. I REALLY love the Twilight book series. I never thought I would get into them - I mean come on vampires - but I LOVE them! And after hearing so many bad reviews about the last book, I was really surprised that I actually enjoyed it too. And it even led me to watch the Buffy/Angel Series that I never thought I would like, but I do! Go figure!


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CindyLou said...


You are too cute!! Love to read your blog. It gives my life some sanity! Now isn't that scary!! hahaha
I will post on my blog later this evening.