Friday, June 13, 2008

Planet Hybrid Blog Train - Info

Just some information for some people who asked:

The Blog Train started on the evening of Tuesday, June 10th. I was a little late starting and I didn't post until the morning of Wednesday, June 11th (but I did leave it up for the 48 hours).
We are all TRYING to post the new page at 10pm EST everyday and leaving that link up for 24 hours. I know that sometimes we aren't exactly right on that time, but we are all trying to do that.

So the schedule should be as follows (example today's posting - June 13 - will be Day 4 starting at 10pm EST tonight):

June 10 - Day 1
June 11 - Day 2
June 12 - Day 3
June 13 - Day 4
June 14 - Day 5
June 15 - Day 6
June 16 - Day 7
June 17 - Day 8
June 18 - Day 9
June 19 - Day 10

I hope that makes sense!

Thanks, DeDe

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crlin said...

Thanks for explaining! I still can't get mine till a day after it is supposed to be! For example today is June 14 and I get June 13! As long as I can get them is all that matters! Thanks so much for these wonderful goodies! Thanks for taking your time to provide this!