Sunday, May 25, 2008

More on the Book Club...

I had a question about my Book Club that will be coming soon! I will have all the specific information ready for you in June (probably in the middle of the month sometime)....but here is just a little bit more info.

I have a forum started at Divine Digital for this. Go subscribe to THIS FORUM to get the updates and information when it comes in!

The question was asked...WHAT KIND OF BOOKS WILL BE CHOSEN AND WHO WILL DO THE CHOOSING? Well, I have a thread up in the forum HERE, and would love for you to give your suggestions on what books you want to read! So please go ahead and put the books and authors that you would like to ready down, so I can look for them. I'm hoping to get a variety of different kinds of books so that we can all share in and enjoy different subjects and kinds of books. I will have the final say on the books we read (after all, I am hostessing it)...but I want to hear your suggestions, so please don't be afraid to post your ideas! I have been in 3 different book clubs in the past and have a variety of different books that I'd like to start us out in...but I want to use your suggestions to! By June I want to have at least a year of books lined out for us...and I want a variety, so please offer up your suggestions!


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