Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Back

So now that my grandpa's funeral is over, my brother, Toby and his wife have had their baby, and my brother, Cody's Wedding is done...I think I am actually back. I'm trying to get caught up with everything and get back on track!

Right now I am working on the children's book and the new kit for Saturday's My Favorite Things Crop. Hopefully I can get it done!

I have been feeling bad because I haven't been able to scrapbook anymore just design and also that I haven't been journaling or even posting pictures and things about my family here on the blog, so I am really going to try and be better at this. Did I mention that I really want to start taking more photos of the kids in their everyday moments and really journal about their lives. They are getting bigger every day and I'm afraid that I am starting to miss those special moments. Just not enough time in the day and I really need to start balancing my life better and prioritize because I'm feeling very scatterbrained lately. So hopefully I can get all this figured out! Any suggestions about organizing your life? LOL

I did want to share a picture of my kids from a few weeks ago. It was actually nice weather and the kids went out on the porch and they took some books outside and were actually sharing the books and reading to each other (well "reading" is a relative term, but they were sharing the story together). Now, if you know my children, this doesn't actually happen very much. They really don't play well together and they fight constantly so these special moments when they actual act like they like each other, is very wonderful. Any suggestions on contentious children would be nice too! LOL

So not the best photo in the world, but I think it captured their personalities a bit.

Oh and I have some exciting news! My wonderful hubby gave me an early birthday/anniversary/mother's day gift. I have been wanting to go to a Digital Scrapbooking Retreat really badly. Partly to find some time to actually scrapbook and partly just to get away and find myself a bit. I have been feeling a little down and just needing some rejuvenation. Well guess what! I am going to the Scrap Girls Convention in October. 5 months away, but I am still very excited! Check it out here:

It's in Salt Lake City, only an hour away so I am very thrilled to have more than 2 days away by myself and just enjoy designing/scrapbooking and find time for myself. I really think it is going to do a lot for me! Anyways, I'm very excited!

Anyways, I better go get lunch made and get JJ off to school and get to work! Oh and I definitely am going to bring back the Friday Freebie and High/Low this week too! So come back and visit! Oh and don't forget tonight's Over the Hump Crop @ Digitals!

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dorannmwin said...

What a wonderful opportunity to have gone to a scrapping retreat. I've never been, but I'd love to go to one. Very cool that you got to meet Cindy and her sister.