Saturday, December 8, 2007


I want to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and for being such great support to me! I love to hear when you enjoy my products and I love all of you for making designing such a joy for me!

I know I haven't blogged very well in the last few weeks! The holiday craze is definitely still going on here and I'm trying desperately to get everything together! Know that I am working on new stuff and I hope you keep on enjoying my work!

I wish you all a VERY VERY VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a joyful HOLIDAY SEASON! I hope each one of you feels the REASON FOR THE SEASON and the true magic and spirit of Christmas! I hope you have lots of family time and that your season is the best ever!

I am going home for Christmas with my family and I will be basically gone for the last couple of weeks in December but then I will be back strong. I look forward to lots of family time, and hopefully it will be a good break from designing for me, so I can come back and produce more kits for you all! :)

Love you all! Merry Christmas!

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