Friday, November 9, 2007

High/Low - November 9th + Freebie

Yay, it's FRIDAY! I haven't really blogged much this week. Actually, it seems like I haven't accomplished really anything this week, but it has been totally crazy and I've been working really hard! I hate those kind of weeks, when you totally work your butt off and have nothing to show for it. LOL OH WELL! So here's my HIGH/LOW FOR THE WEEK!

My LOW for the week would definitely have to be that I didn't get my grab bag done for the monthly sale at Divine Digital. I tried so hard to get it done, but it just didn't happen. The grab bag sale is going on all weekend. I'm trying really hard to remember that I just can't do everything, but I hate it when I don't accomplish what I want to. The grab bags are optional every month, but they do bring in good sales and helps me to get products out every month...but I need to not try to do everything! Anyways, I got 2 products done but just couldn't get the 3rd one done...I guess it's a good thing because the Digitals Grab Bag Sale is coming up on BLACK FRIDAY and now I have only 1 more product to finish and I can get that grab bag I guess it's okay!

My HIGH for the week is that I am excited about the kit that I am working on for this month's MY FAVORITE THINGS Crop. It's not quite done but I'm finishing it up today...I better since the crop is tomorrow...LOL. But I went with a totally different style than I usually do and it is actually turning out nice. For those of you who don't know...every month I create a new kit for the MY Favorite Things Crop at 3S. If you participate in both of my crops during the month you will get the whole kit free. It goes into all my stores the last week of the month so you can still get it, but why not participate and get it for FREE! My crops are on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 9pm EST in the 3S Chatroom. Actually this month I am doing the 2nd and 3rd weeks since I won't be here Thanksgiving Week! Anyways, so check it out tomorrow...and you get a tiny little sneak preview of it in today's FREEBIE! So check it out!


So tonight I get to go on a date with my hubby! It has been awhile and I am really excited to get out of the house without the kids for a little while. My brother is coming over to babtsit...he's a busy college student and works a full-time job, so he's busy, but I'm grateful that he is willing to come and babysit tonight. Joey's work is taking his whole department to a mystery dinner theatre tonight, so it should be a lot of fun! Joey's department was very successful this quarter and they decided to do something nice for all of them! So it should be fun!

I'm trying so hard to get caught up with everything. Here is some of my plans for the next few weeks: I have the Digitals Grab Bag to do, the Scrap-Style ezine to get out by December 1st (includes a kit by Stacey Kluczny and I--which I got to get the previews done for), gotta get my PENGUINS, SNOWMEN, AND POLAR BEARS OH MY! Kit in all the stores, need to get my NATIVITY TEARZ Kit done and in the stores, need to finish up my BUNDLED UP Kit for tomorrow, need to work on the December My Favorites Thing Kit, some contributions to do at the store mega kits, AND before Christmas I need to do a kit for the 3S Scrap-A-Deal (Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!) Plus gotta get going on Christmas! Wow, does things ever slow down?

Well, I guess I gotta go get some things done, so I'll just leave ya with the little freebie today. It is a tag that is a TINY sneak preview into the BUNDLED UP Kit that I am finishing today!




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Thanks so much, DeDe!

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Thank you - aloha!!