Friday, October 5, 2007


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a game that is played on the movie, STORY OF US. The game is called HIGH/LOW. Where you say the best thing (HIGH) that happened that day (or week, or whatever) and the worst thing (LOW). I decided that it would be a fun thing to do every Friday on my blog. So if I don't say much about what is going on during the week, at least you will know 2 things that happened! :) And I was thinking I would try and mention a few other things that happened during the week as well! Hope you enjoy reading about my life!

So my LOW for the week would probably be Wednesday. I just had kind of a rotten day overall and then right in the middle of my OVER THE HUMP Crop @ Digitals, my internet connection goes out! For an hour, I sat there trying to get it to connect and everything, hoping that those members who came to my crop, weren't mad at me! LOL. I finally got back on and some wonderful team members had stepped in and got to know the members in my absence. It was a blessing, but I still felt REALLY BAD that it didn't go the way that I had wanted the crop to go...especially since it was my crop during Digitals Birthday Bash, that I am coordinating. Oh well, what can you do.

My HIGH this week would have to be when my hubby called and mentioned that he MIGHT be getting a very significant raise starting on the 15th of this month! I truly hope it goes through as we could really use it and it would make our lives so much easier! My hubby and I are very grateful for the opportunity he has had to work for Novell and have such a good boss who knows Joey's worth and treats him very well. The raise will come with a lot of extra work, but it will be worth it if we can get our debt paid off and start saving. So yay for my husband!

Some miscellaneous things that happened this week:

- My son lost his FIRST TOOTH! He's only 5 and I didn't expect that to happen. Especially since I have no idea how it happened, didn't even know it was loose, and my son didn't say anything at all. I was putting him to bed and just happened to catch that his bottom front tooth was missing. I asked him about it and he said "I don't know." Since he is developmental delayed and speech is a problem for him, he couldn't really tell me much. A few days later he mentioned that his "tummy hurt because his tooth went down there." So now, I have been checking to see if it is going to come out. LOL But I don't know if that is what really happened.

- I got accepted as a designer at SCRAP OUTSIDE THE BOX. So now I am the proud designer of FIVE Digital Scrapbook Stores! I hope I can keep up but I am very excited about this opportunity! I just gotta get it together and get setup and get some kits in the store!

- I have been coordinating the DIGITALS BIRTHDAY BASH #3 Event and it has been so amazing to see it all come together! I sure hope everyone has enjoyed it this week! Just a couple more days left to participate and get in on the 30% off store-wide sale and the Birthday Grab Bags!!!

- The TRUNK OR TREAT Event is this weekend at Digitals! Come check out all the grab bags and banners and don't forget to VOTE! (See details in previous posting)!

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Sparkyhen aka Fran said...

I can really relate to the slow development of a child. My youngest is 5 (nearly six) but if I treat him like he's 4, well then I get surprised occasionally. We've done lots of work with him and it's starting to payoff. I know it's hard but hang in there, they have joys all their own. I would really love to see the world through Pete's eyes everything is simple and beautiful.

Ariane said...

First, congrats on being accepted at SOTB it is a great site! I'm sure you'll love it there, lots of great ladies=)

Hang in there with your DS. I know loving someone with developmental delays can be a long roller coaster ride, but it's worth it. I live with and take care of my 27 YO cousin who has CP and developmental delays. It has certainly been a journey from when she was born and the doctors said she'd never walk, talk or do anything on her own (and should be institutionalized) to now. She owns her own house can do most things on her own and mostly just needs me to help with communication and if there were ever an emergency.

ladybug said...

It's good idea to see both high and low of the week...
Congrats on being accepted at SOTB

Cathy said...

Congrats for being accepted at SOTB.
Thanks for all of the fun at digitals birthday bash.

Sparky said...

Hi DeDe! Don't feel too bad about losing your internet! We kept hoping you'd be back but we managed to have a fun time regardless! The Birthday Bash has been going well - thanks so much for all your hard work! Love your grab bag, BTW!! Thanks!

lorig said...

I like the idea of the High/Low. It would be great if your DH got that raise. Congrats on the new store. As for the tooth, my oldest has swallowed 2 teeth. She is very laid back about losing teeth (doesn't even expect the tooth fairy to come, and won't put the tooth under the pillow).