Friday, October 26, 2007

High/Low - October 26th + Freebie

Hey everyone! I hope your week was good. Mine was okay, but I am very glad it's Friday. It's time for HIGH/LOW again! :)

My Low for this week is that I just felt extremely tired. I think it is just still healing a bit from having strep, but it was a real downer. I am so behind on housework and laundry and I just didn't get it done like I had planned. Don't you just hate it when you don't feel good enough to do the things on your list!!!!

My High for this week was going on JJ's field trip with him today. We went to HEE HAW FARMS. They had a neat corn maze, hayride, farm animals, and other fun things to do! And they even got to go through the pumpkin patch and pick a little pumpkin to take home. I am so glad that I went with JJ. It was fun to see him with his classmates and he was really good. I only see him at home when he is picking on his sister and it was good to see him have a good time. I think he gets cooped up too much at home. He loves being outside. He even picked a pretty good pumpkin. I was pretty bummed because for some reason my camera batteries didn't charge, even though they said they were fully charged. I got to the farm and my camera was completely dead. So I didn't get any pictures, but JJ's teacher got a few that she said she would email me, so I hope they turn out okay.

Other things:

This week I have been staying up pretty late (another reason that I'm so tired)..finishing up a kit collection. I did get it done and you will see it in all my stores next week. It includes 3 kits. Nippity 1, Nippity 2, and Nippity Extras. The Nippity 1 and Nippity Extras will be in all my stores. Nippity 2 is going to be the daily download in November at The Scrapping Garden! So you can pick up a piece of the kit every day and at the end of the month you will have the full kit! If you do miss pieces from the kit...Nippity 2 will be in all the stores at the end of the month. So make sure you check back here on the blog soon...I will be announcing the kit and showing previews soon! (Also I have a little sample of the kit as a freebie today! So scroll down and get that!)

My Autumn Beginnings Kit is also going to be in my stores next week! Don't forget to come to my crop tomorrow at 3Scrapateers at 9pm EST to get a piece of this kit!

Also coming next week....I'm the designer of the week from November 1-7th at Scrap Outside the Box, so stay tuned for an EXCLUSIVE Kit at SOTB (Season of ThankZ), a great coupon deal, a crop, and more!

AND I have THREE more crops next week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday so stay tuned for more details on those! Lots going on next week!

Tomorrow my hubby and I are taking the kids to BOO AT THE ZOO. Since we don't know a lot of people here and stuff we aren't going to take the kids trick-0r-treating this year on Halloween. This event at HOGLE ZOO lets the kids see the animals and lots of booths for trick or treating and craft activities. It should be a lot of fun and since we have a zoo's free, so you can't beat that. I hope the kids enjoy it. Hopefully I get my camera working by then!

Okay so now for your freebie for today! A little sneak peek into my NIPPITY COLLECTION, coming next week!


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K2 said...

OMG! These bears are SOOOO cute! I can't wait to collect em all! Thank you dear! You ROCK!

terri- hawaii said...

Tahnk you and leavin ya some LUV -aloha!!