Friday, October 12, 2007

High/Low - October 12th + Freebie

It's FRIDAY and that means it's HIGH/LOW time! For those of you just starting to read my blog...I have started a new posting every Friday. A little game called HIGH/LOW. I will be sharing my week with you by telling you the best thing (HIGH) that happened this past week and and the worst thing (LOW). So if I don't say much about what is going on during the week, at least you will know 2 things that happened! :) I tend to do more announcements/advertising of my designs on the blog rather the actual blogging! Anyways, I will also be mentioning a few other things that happened during the week as well! PLUS, I have also decided to share a little freebie in my Friday posting! So please come back every Friday to read about my week and get the freebie :) Hope you enjoy reading about my life!

My LOW for this week would have to be that I am just completely worn out and exhausted. I have lost a lot of sleep lately trying to keep up with everything. Throughout the past few weeks I have really accomplished a lot of things with my designs and responsibilities (including Digitals BB3 Event, putting out 2 grab bags and hosting several crops), but it has totally worn me out. I decided that I deserve a break, so for the next 2 days I am trying to finish up all my responsibilities and take care of all my design stuff so that next week, I can stay away from the computer. I WILL be checking my emails, but I have forbid myself to do anything design-like. I'm going to catch up on the cleaning, spend more time with my children, and maybe read a book! :) I just need to rejuvenate my creativity. I feel that I have been lacking in my designs lately and I think this will really help me to come back better than ever and be able to put out some new things and keep up with all my new design responsibilities!

My HIGH for the week was that my friend, Brianne was in town and we got to spend some time together. Brianne and I met in St. George, UT where we were roommates at College. We have been best friends ever since. She lives in Massachusetts now with her husband and 10-month old son, so we don't see each other very much. But now that I live in Orem, just a few minutes away from her parent's home, when she comes to visit them, we get to see each other! Tuesday night she came over and I made her dinner and we got to catch up! It was really great!

Some miscellaneous things that happened this week:

My kids are coming down with a cold and I hate that. My son tends to have fever-induced seizures so I am trying to prevent that from happening. My daughter actually has the worst of it and we were up all night. I hope this goes away soon.

JJ's school is having a FALL BREAK and he had yesterday, today and will have Monday off from school. Wish we could afford to go on vacation and do something fun, but I guess being home together is as good as anything!

I kind of hate to mention it here because I'm not sure it's going to happen, but I'm excited about it so I might as well tell you! I was contacted this week by a man who works for Diecuts With a View (a paper scrapbooking company that sells papers/embellishments at various scrapbooking stores including JoAnn's). He had seen my digital designs online and was interested in maybe offering me a graphic design job creating REAL papers for them! It is actually a full-time position, but I told him that I was a SAHM and needed to be at home. So he said it would be possible that we could work it out where I would just do it on a project-by-project basis and just go in for meetings and such and actually do my design work at home. He asked to see my papers up close and I have sent him some portfolio items. I haven't heard back and I'm getting a little nervous, but if this works out, it will be an absolutely INCREDIBLE opportunity! I sure hope I hear by next week...this is killing me to wait to know!

I am going to have the opportunity to work on a magazine again! I worked for PaperART Magazine and I designed all of their pages for their printed magazine. It was an amazing experience for me. Unfortunately, they went out of business and I've kind of missed that kind of design work. But I was fortunate enough to offer my services to Stacey Kluczny at 3Scrapateers, who produces an ezine. The premiere issue of SCRAP STYLE just came out. It's amazing and they need some help with it, so I am going to be putting the bi-monthly issues together for them, starting next issue! I'm very excited! Check it out HERE! It's on sale right now too so you gotta pick it up!

My son's school is having a fundraiser. They are selling Sally Foster Products (Gift Wrap/Gifts/Cookie Dough). I couldn't believe that they even get the kindergarteners involved in this, but I guess that is what they have to do to get money for the school. I bought some cookie dough and some gift wrap, but I am not much of a seller and all of our relatives/friends don't live here. LOL...but I found out that JJ can still get credit for any sales online. SO if anyone is interested or needs gifts/gift wrap and would like to support my son..please let me know and I will send you the information. I know this is just shameful to do this on my blog, but hey, I guess it's MY BLOG. LOL

Wow! I got a little long-winded! Hope you made it through all that. LOL Now for your little freebie. Here is a little frame with ribbons that I made for you all! I hope you can use it!


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nighty said...

thank you for this beautiful frame-freebie.
i hope your kids get well soon
and i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you can get this new job, so now take some time to relax and enjoy yout free time with your family

lorig said...

Thank you for the frame. I ope your week off helps your relax and rejuvinate. Congrats on working on a magazine again. Hope your little ones feel better soon.