Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More on my Family...

Since yesterday, I shared some more information about my kids, I thought today I would share a little more information about my husband and myself!

This is my hubby (Joey) and I this past Christmas. This is the last time we have a picture of us together....we need to remedy that. Joey is an amazing person. He has come through a lot of trials in his life and a hard childhood, but he has an amazing spirit. We met in college in St. George, Utah, when his best friend was dating my roommate. We dated for 3 months and then Joey moved 5 hours away to work. We continued dating for the next year-and-a-half long distance while I finished school and then we were married. We learned a lot through that, and it really helped us to be independent and yet still love to be together. Joey is so smart. He has not gotten his degree yet (due to financial concerns), but he has taught himself everything he knows. He is a computer programmer and works very hard to provide for us. He is always working on open-source projects and always willing to help someone out with computer stuff, whether it is his friends and family or someone online that is thousands of miles away. He really enjoys his job at Novell and finally has a boss that understands him, trusts him, and respects him, so everything is good. Eventually he will go back to school and finish his degree, but he has so many years of experience now that it really isn't NEEDED. Joey is the best dad in the world. He loves to be with his kids and from the moment he gets home from work, he is with his kids and helping me out in whatever I need. I feel so blessed to have a husband who respects me, loves me, and is so supportive of my designing. He is always giving me great compliments of what I am doing and doesn't mind if I spend HOURS doing it. He will go be with the kids or do whatever I need him to do. I'm very lucky. I know a lot of designers don't have that support, so I feel very grateful. He loves football and we are INDIANAPOLIS COLTS fans and so Sundays (after church) are spent watching football and cheering on our team! Our favorite thing to do together is watch movies/tv shows. We love movies...we will just spend hours watching together. All kinds of genres too. That is just "our thing." We also both love to read. Our living room is filled bookshelves and books. Someday we want to have a big house so we can have a TRUE LIBRARY. I just love Joey so very much. He is my true best friend. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

The last time we got a family portrait was at Christmas too (and it was in our Christmas PJs...LOL) We really need to get a new one, but I thought I'd share this with you anyway.

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