Sunday, September 16, 2007

Guest Blogger and more...

Hey everyone! I'm excited to be the guest blogger at the new TSG Blog this week! I am offering a FULL-KIT given piece-by-piece for the next 7 days, but you have to come back every day or you'll miss out on that day's piece! This kit will be in my stores after this week, but why buy it when you can get it FREE! So come on over and hear my rambling and get today's piece!

Check out the kit:

And I want you all to know that I made this kit in 2 days...yep, me...2 days....I must be getting better because usually it takes me A VERY LONG TIME to get a full-kit done! So I'm very proud of it!

So go to the TSG Blog Now!

I have also got some news...I got my first 2 orders here on my blogstore! YIPPEE! Thanks ladies! But I still have a deal going:

The first person to order over $10 worth of products from my blogstore will get a FREE KIT!


Thanks everyone for your support!

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