Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to Pay by Credit Card

You can shop here with a credit card without a PayPal account even though you are taken to the PayPal site when you hit the checkout button or use the Buy It Now option. Here’s how:

When you reach the Paypal site, you will see the following (or something very much like it) on the left side of the screen — just click on the “continue” link to enter your credit card information safely and securely. Remember, PayPal handles your credit card information - it is never passed to me.

Pay with a Credit Card


You can also pay with a credit card, if you want, even if you already HAVE a PayPal account. The “trick” is - do NOT log in to your account as you usually would to pay with PayPal. Follow the continue link above as shown and then fill in your information on the credit card page. The next page you see will say something like “Did You Know….you already have a PayPal account” and you will be prompted to log in and pay with your existing account — don’t log in — use the link BELOW the login box to continue with credit card processing OUTSIDE your paypal account.

bypass paypal to pay with a credit card

Don’t worry - you are STILL secure with your credit card processing!

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