Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DigiRewardZ Program

Welcome to my new rewards program!!! I love finding ways to give back to my customers and I’m really excited this — I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

So this is going to work like those punch cards you get from your favorite stores...everytime you make a qualifying purchase they punch your card and when you fill it up, you get a reward. Well, I can't physically punch your card for you when you purchase from my store - so this is the DigiAlternative!

Download your RewardZ card HERE.

Here's how it Works:
  • You buy products in my blogstore
  • Fill out your RewardZ card for every qualifying purchase by bringing it into your graphics program and typing the Order number inside the boxes
  • Email me your card when its completely filled out
  • I'll verify your purchases and then send you a $10 code to my store

That's right - for every $100 you spend in my store, you'll receive a code for $10 off your next purchase! Amazing Deal!!!

  • Spend $5, put the invoice number in the $5 box.
  • Spend $9.50, put the invoice number in the $5 box.
  • Spend $10, put the invoice in the $10 box.
  • Spend $15, put the invoice in a $10 box AND a $5 box.
  • Spend $67, put the invoice in 6 $10 boxes and 1 $5 box.

Other Details:
  • Orders must be dated on or after 1-1-2013.
  • You are responsible for completing your own reward card.
  • You can’t round up. 
  • What if you run out of $5 spots? Once they’re filled up, they’re filled up. But you can still fill out the $10 spots. 
  • What if you fill out your card? AWESOME! Email it to me for your $10 code. Then start filling out a new card!
  • You many only use one invoice number per box. (So invoices have to total at least $5 to be able to count them on your rewards card.)
  • You can’t count the total before any discounts. Go by the final total — the amount you paid.

THANK YOU so much for being such wonderful fans and amazing customers! I truly love creating and being a part of this community! Please feel free to send me your questions and comments! I hope to be rewarding redeemed cards soon!

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