Monday, May 19, 2008

Maniac Monday

It has just been a really bad day so far for me. Our dryer has been squeaking for about a week, but my hubby went and worked on it a bit and now it just squeaks every now and then. But today, I was doing laundry and my washer refuses to drain the water. I have no idea what to do and of course my husband is in Chicago for the week. So I had to go get quarters and I am now doing laundry in the trailer park laundromat....I hate it, but what do you do. Not to mention that it is extremely hot and our swamp cooler is not working and we think our fridge is about to die too. Why do all your major appliances have to die at the same time? UGH!

Okay, just needed to vent. I will now go and be a good girl and get something done. Thanks for listening!

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Lu-Ann said...

And I thought it was just us! Well, if you want to laugh, picture this:
It's noon on a Sat. and you just realized the fridge has died. You need it to be repaired and you lucked out 'cuz a friend owns a hardware store and will come look at it. Only problem is you now have to clean up the mess that has grown in it, on it, and around it before your friend sees what a "slob" you really can be! Not really, but not as clean as you'd like...LOL
Now while you are doing all this cleaning and emptying of the fridge on the table, your sister has come over to rescue you, as today is your daughter's Jr. Prom and you were supposed to do her makeup and nails! So while you are cleaning up the rest of the mess and ushering in your friend the repair man, your sister is putting makeup on your daughter in the kitchen. This is making her look like she's about to star in a production on Broadway! Your daughter looks at you for help, while rolling her eyes, and while trying not to scream, you manage to drop the whole carton of eggs on the floor. Some days you just have to laugh or you'll cry! Just thought you needed the laugh and yes, this tall tale really did happen to us!

CindyLou said...

Life is crazy. Sorry to hear about your horrible day. The washer may be a baby sock stuck in the hose. That is what it was with ours anyway. It doesn't even have to be the same load of laundry that the sock was in.
Hope your week gets better.