Thursday, April 17, 2008

ScrapbookUSA Expo

So anyone attending the ScrapbookUSA Expo Convention in Salt Lake City this weekend? I'm spending all day Saturday and now that I have my laptop, I may even get to scrap a page or two! My wonderful hubby is taking the kids for the day and I'm headed off with some friends to go to this scrapbooking convention. I've never been to one before and I am so excited!

So anyways, I would love to meet any/all of let me know if you are attending!

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Sharon Kay said...

Have a good time DeDe but don't expect to be as productive as you are at home when it comes to scrapping. Just too many distractions and conversations...but that is the fun of it! lol

I've got a Saturday crop with my friends that I arranged at a local coffee shop...we get the conference room free as long as we buy our food and drink there. We can't get the room until 3pm...but we're staying until 10:30pm. Long live our laptops!! lol

Sharon Kay said...

okay how many did you get done? In just over 7 hours I only got 2 pages done...but a ton of talking was included in that! lol Was so nice to be out with my friends again...and what was suprising is that out of 7...4 of us were digi! ...I was the first one converted to digi from paper. lol so of course I had to use one of your kits to show them the Tearz and the cool mulberry paper you use. 8-)